Right coolant filtration maintains the quality of the machined parts and captures significant savings.

In the Advanced Industrial Ceramics (AIC) industry for markets such as Semiconductor and Automotive, precision machine shops perform machining and grinding services on many of the world's hardest materials, including high purity quartz and alumina. These applications demand high-quality coolant and lubricating fluids during the machining and grinding process, along with a highly efficient filtration system. Technical ceramics enables high quality filtration.

How do you maintain the quality of precision machined parts while lowering operational costs at the same time?

Our case study explains the negative impacts that poor-quality coolant filters have on these manufacturing processes. We will also show how the selection of the right coolant filtration system will maintain the quality of the machined parts, reduce the accelerated wear of your machine tool, and save your company money in operational costs.




CoorsTek Case Study