End-Use Applications Requiring High Purity and Cleanliness Standards

The industrial-scale production of value-added products such as phycocyanin, a natural blue pigment extracted from spirulina algae, requires reliable and efficient separation technology. Examples of high-purity phycocyanin end-use products are cosmetic, beverage and food applications. 

The separation step of the microalgae production process accounts for a big part of the financial resources and time allocated to the extraction of the phycocanin pigment. Consequently, the ceramic hollow fiber membranes offer a reliable solution for the microalgae processing. 

How do you scale up your separation process and effectively manage resources allocated to maintenance?

Our case study explains how to ramp up your microalgae production process while maintaining the high-quality standards of the end-use product and effectively managing time and resources allocated to daily maintenance of the separation unit.  

 Download our case study to learn how to better control your separation process and the critical conditions behind the production of a high-quality pigment.




CoorsTek Case Study